Thomas Hibben

Oklahoma Choctaw Artist Thomas Hibben Photographer indigenous artist

I’m Thomas hibben

I am a 41 year old father of four from central Oklahoma. Born and raised in Shawnee, just outside of Oklahoma City, I work in digital marketing, search engine optimization, professional photography / videography.

After spending most of my life working in emergency medical services both in rural EMS as well as in one of the busiest emergency departments in the state on the southside of Oklahoma City, I left healthcare after the pandemic. After leaving emergency medicine to go into business for myself in web development and search engine optimization I realized the art that I was creating started to become more of a focus. 

Today my art has a wide range of formats. Having a strong background in photography I gravitate to Film, Glass Dry-Plate, TinType, & vintage camera photography. Increasingly that format has cross boundaries into video as well as cross-format exploration, mixing things like historic photographs & AI. 

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Projects & Freelance Work

I am available for artistic projects of a variety in different mediums, causes, and subject matters. If you have something you would like to possibly work together on don’t hesitate to reach out. I am also a father of four, husband to my best friend, and someone who enjoys living in a home versus under a bridge on the outskirts of town. That being said, I’m also open to work as a photographer, videographer, writer, speaker, and more.